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Case Studies


4 MLD CETP Up gradation & Recycling up to ZLD-EPC Project

Jasol is well known hub of small and medium scale textile processing industries. It is small village situated on the bank of Luni River in Barmer district of Rajasthan.


Nano Filtration Membrane for COD Reduction

Daily Effluent is generated around 300 KLD from Manufacturing of Optical Brightening Agent Chemical (OBA). Parameters of Effluent is COD 5000 ppm, BOD


TORAY Ultra Filtration Retro-Fitting

Jal Board is the government agency responsible for supply of portable water to the most of the National Capital region of Delhi, India

Total Capacity of 4.5MLD or 196m3/hr Plant


Reliable STP System using PVA Gel Technology

End Customer Wants to Design Reliable STP System for Mentioned Capacity, Nirmal Water Suggest PVA GEL Based STP System Due to Following Advantages in PVA GEL.