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4 MLD CETP Upgradation & Recycling up to ZLD-EPC Project



Jasol is well known hub of small and medium scale textile processing industries. It is small village situated on the bank of Luni River in Barmer district of Rajasthan. It is well connected with Balotra which is hub of textile fabric processing industry. There are 100+ small and medium textile processing units in Jasol. Wet processing of cotton and polyester fabric is the major activity of the industries in Jasol. Effluent from small and medium scale industries is collected at CETP.


As the market boomed and due to water scarcity in this region, recycling of waste water is only the option. These industries are mainly having dyeing effluent which has very high TDS, residual dyes, sulphates, phosphorus, color etc. in raw effluent. Existing treatment facility is having SBR technology for treatment of effluent where results after treatment is not suitable for recycling through RO.



We have upgrade the existing 4 MLD CETP with below modifications and addition of new treatment scheme.

  1. DAF is added before SBR to remove TSS, O&G and color for better performance of post treatments
  2. PVA GEL technology from “KURARAY JAPAN” with ASP process is added after SBR for removal of COD/BOD/TN. This can take care of shock loads of COD/BOD coming from industries. With help of PVA GEL technology foot print for ASP process is reduced up to 40%.
  3. Tertiary treatment is added after secondary clarifier for removal of further SS.
  4. UF + 3 stage RO will be installed for recycling of waste water. Permeate water will be given back to these industries for reuse. Over all recovery of this plant is 82% on feed TDS of 20000 PPM. “TORAY JAPAN” Membranes will be used in this plant
  5. NFRO with 20% recovery will help for further concentration of RO reject, Which will be reduce the size of MEE. NF reject has TDS of around 1,20,000 – 1,30,000 PPM. Which is going to solar pond.

Executive Summary

We are doing above mention all modification of existing and installation of new systems on turnkey bases with civil including 7 years O&M. By recycling/reuse of effluent dependency on fresh water is going to less. So, industries will not suffer from lack of water for process.

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