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Toray NF (Nano Filtration) Membrane for Dyes & Other Applications

Toray CSM Membrane
  • Effective for de-salting as well as Dyes concentration with no dyes loss.
  • Best for acid, reactive as well as disperse dyes
  • Remove all impurities from dyes and improve the quality of dyes.
  • Reduce manufacturing cost. High TC in less timing to save spray drying cost.
  • Higher flux to save energy cost.


  • Dyes: Desalting, High TC (from 3% to 33%) in acid, Reactive as well as disperse dyes.
  • Best for purification of “Optical Brightener Agent” & Pigment (Like TiO2)
  • Metal Recovery: Chromium (Cr6) Recovery, Zinc Sulphate (ZnSo4), Copper (Cu) Recovery from Acid Rinse Water
  • Dairy Industry: Milk Concentration, Whey Separation, Lactose Separation, Volume reduction of Whey,Detergent Removal (Use in curd application)
  • Edible Oil Processing,color removing, Desalting
  • Drug Industry: Chemical to chemical separation (Like Uric acid separation)
  • Desalination (Removal of Hardness)
  • Waste water (COD Removal)
  • Water softening (Multivalent ions remove)

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