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Toray Ultrafiltration Membrane

* TORAY UF offers advantages like
1. Highest flux in industry due to strongest fiber amongst all our competitors including Dow, Asahi,
Inge, GE etc. This reduces the number of modules required.
2. PVDF – Out to in – dead end fltration (cross fow possible, if required).
3. Backwash flux of 1.1 times filtration fux. This advantage is not offered by any manufacturer.
Normally backwash flux is 1.5 – 2.0 times fltration fux, for all manufacturers.
4. Extremely low chemical consumption. We require only FECl3 (coagulant, if required), NaOCl
(cleaning), Citric acid (not very often).
5. The results we are geting are unmatched in industry. At RIL Hazira TTP RO, we are geting SDI of 1
or thereabouts, for last 2 years.
6. Almost nil fber breakage, due to strength of fiber.
7. Much lower downtime (for cleaning) as compared to our competition.
8. Five years warranty (with first year cliff) as standard offering.
9. MWCO of our UF is 150,000 Daltons .
10. It can achieve six (6) log of bacteria removal (100 % time) .
11.It can achieve one point Five (1.5) log removal of viruses (100 % time) .

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