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In recent developments, we have seen that there are different areas of services that require clean and clear treated water for daily use. For each search services, we have seen that the kind of water, which is supplied to them is of different nature. Being the Largest RO membrane Supplier in India, Jay Water has products specifically created, which are designed for use in all such different areas. To begin with, we have the Nanofiltration Technology membrane that is available as a highly customized solution for industries, which use water as their prime component for manufacturing their primary products. Alternatively, there are companies, which also require water to flush away the waste component or byproducts that are produced during the manufacturing process. These companies require products such as nanofiltration Technology membrane or even Ultrafiltration Technology membrane. Both these membranes are distinct in the nature of the operation, and are most commonly implemented in companies such as textile units, dyeing units, or even meat processing units, where clean water is required for processing the products as well as maintaining clean, hygienic work environments.

As the Largest RO membrane Supplier in India, Jay water has supplied ultrafiltration membrane and nanofiltration membrane products to a number of companies across India over the past few years successfully. The Ultra filtration membrane in India, which is the most commonly implemented products from Jay Water, is one of the most sought-after products, which has a wide range of application, as it is the most versatile product from our range. Its technology allows it to be used in most scenarios effectively, efficiently, economically!

Under the Ultrafiltration membrane range of products, Hollow Fibre UF in India is the recent development in the list of ultrafiltration membranes, which are highly effective in the treatment of tap water. In most cases, we have found that it is very hard water with a very high TDS content, usually above the range of 200/300.

Moreover, these ultrafiltration membranes are also suitable for applications as under:

  • Dyes: Desalting, High TC (from 3% to 33%) in acid, Reactive as well as disperse dyes
  • For purification of “Optical Brightener Agent” & Pigment (Like TiO2)
  • Metal Recovery: Chromium (Cr6) Recovery, Zinc Sulphate (ZnSo4), Copper (Cu) Recovery from Acid Rinse Water
  • In the Dairy Industry — Milk Concentration, Whey Separation, Lactose Separation, Volume reduction of Whey, Detergent Removal (Use in curd application)
  • Edible Oil Processing, Color Removal, Desalting
  • For the Drug Industry — Chemical to chemical separation (such as Uric acid separation)
  • Desalination (Removing the Hardness of water)
  • Waste water (COD Removal)
  • Softening of Water (Multivalent ions remove)

They’re quite effective at:

  • Effective in de-salting as well as increasing the Dyes concentration content in the liquid, along with no dyes loss
  • Best for filtering acidic, reactive, as well as disperse dyes
  • Removal of all impurities from dyes, thereby improving the quality of dyes
  • Reduction in the manufacturing cost, since higher purity, and/or concentrations of materials content in volume instead of higher water content in the resultant product.
  • High TC in less timing for saving spray drying costs, thereby saving time, and increasing product output
  • Higher flux, which saves energy costs significantly

These are some the applications for the Best UF membrane in India, which are exclusively available from Jay Water, the Largest RO membrane Supplier in India!

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