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Why Solahart ?

  • World Leader in Solar Water Heating Technology.
  • Stylish Slimline Design.
  • Indirect Heating, Closed Circuit System eliminates scaling, problems of clogging and
    helps to transfer a heat without any heat loss.
  • 24 Hours Heat Water regardless of Weather.
  • Optimum Performance in medium and high Solar gain areas.
  • Suitable for Frost prone or harsh water areas.
  • Thermosiphon operation minimises maintenance.
  • Double coated ceramic lined tank.
  • Highly effective Solar Collector Design.
  • High density pressure injected PUF insulation for minimum heat loss from tank.
  • Primaglaze ceramic lining plus a sacrificial anode for corrosion control.
  • 80% depreciation in very first year of installation.
  • Efficient system with effective proven performance.
  • Superior Quality, Tougher low iron content Solar Glass.
  • Backed by full 5 years Comprehensive Warranty.
  • Practically Nil maintenance.

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