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Nano-Filtration Membrane For COD Reduction


Project Overview

Daily Effluent is generated around 300 KLD from Manufacturing of Optical Brightening Agent Chemical (OBA).

  1. Parameters of Effluent is COD 5000 ppm, BOD 1050 ppm, TDS 20000 ppm & TSS 110.
  2. Initially client set up Conventional ETP to treat generated effluent, but due to high TDS value, Biological treatment failed.
  3. Client have an effluent discharge limit to CETP in terms of parameters, Which is COD<1000 ppm,
    • If COD is between 1000-3000 ppm, CETP will charge MEE Operating cost.
    • If COD is >3000 ppm, CETP will charge INR 3 per liter charge.


  • MEE (Multi Effective Evaporator) can be treat the effluent, but very expensive for total effluent.
  • Nano filtration Membrane technology is one of the solution to treat this effluent to reduce COD to the desire limit with good amount of recovery.
  • TSS, Turbidity and BOD needs to be control before feed the Effluent in the NF system.
  • If it is not in control, Membrane will get chocked and need more frequent CIP to clean it and It will directly affect on life of Membrane.
Nano-Filtration-membrane-case study

Solution With Nano-Filtration Membrane Technology

  • Client Equalize the effluent in Equalization tank, and effluent pass through filter press and directly feed in NF system through Bag Filter and Micron Cartridge Filter.
  • Due to high TSS value, CIP frequency is once after 8 to 10 hours of operation
  • Finally, the purpose of Effluent treatment is successful with NF System.
  • Final concentration of NF System goes to MEE with minimum Quantity and operational cost is practically viable
COD (ppm) 2,500 < 350
TDS (ppm) 20,000 12,000
TSS (ppm) 50
Plant Capacity 300 KLD
System Recovery 75-80%
CIP Frequency DAILY
Membrane TORAY make CSM NF

Summary & Benefit

  • Purpose fulfilled with Equalization follow by Filter Press Follow By Nano-Filtration Membrane Technology & MEE on NF Concentrate water.
  • Easy to Handle compared to Conventional ETP.
  • Less Manpower required compared to Conventional ETP.
  • Best technology To Remove diverse MW Organic Mixtures which is cause the COD in effluent.
  • Nano-Filtration Membranes are having Hydrophobic surface, which is antifouling in nature. That’s why it can easily remove surface chocking.
  • 70% Cost Deduction in Operating Cost with NF System & MEE Combined, Compared to Only MEE.

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