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TORAY ROPUR Antiscalant Case Study


Project Overview

Huber Group is leading manufacturer of Ink in World. They have multiple plants in worldwide. Unit in Vapi has effluent generation of around 2 MLD and after treatment it was discharged in to CETP on chargeable bases. Due to their corporate policy and continues failure in CETP drainage line they have to install ZLD at Vapi facility.

Benefits to End Customer

They used to face frequent caulking of membranes & had to clean it once in a week even after maintaining a regular dosing. Jay Water Management suggested TORAY “ROPUR” antiscalant, deciding the dosing PPM based on projection depending on the water analysis & the system design. Surprisingly after changing to ROPUR, dosing reduced by 20% & the cleaning frequency reduced by 5 times reducing their OPEX as well as effluent generation due to cleaning cycles.

ARRAY : 10:7:4 (6 Element Per Vessel)

Feed / Permeate water characteristic

Make Other Brand ROPUR Saving
Consumption In PPM 15 12
Yearly Consumption of Antiscalent in KG 9504 7603 1901
Cleaning frequency every 7 Days 35 Days
Number of Cleaning frequency times per year 51 10 41
Cost involved per cleaning in INR 1605 1605
Cost involved for cleaning in YR in INR 82543 16509 66034
Effluent generated per cleaning in m3 7.32 7.32
Effluent generated per year in m3 376 75 301
Cost of treating effluent in INR/m3 170 170
Yearly cost of treating effluent in INR 63998 12800 51198
Total Saving

Plant Operating Data

Plant Operating Data
Feed Flow 80 M3/hr
Recovery 75 %
Feed TDS 14303
Reject TDS 55648
LSI 0.84
Operating hours per day 22

Feed Data in Mg/ L

Feed Data in Mg/L
Feed TDS 14303
Total hardness as CaCo3 816
Fe 5
Fluoride 1.7

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