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Toray Membrane-Introduction

Toray membrane offers unified skills and proficiency in high quality membranes and water and wastewater treatment technologies, and reciprocal water treatment products to help our customers boost their plant performance and competitiveness.

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We are leading membrane supplier in India. We have complete proficiency across the entire products range of high-performance water treatment toray membrane, including reverse osmosis (RO) membranes, nano-filtration (NF) membranes, ultra-filtration (UF) membranes, micro-filtration (MF) membranes and membrane bioreactors (MBR).

Our main objective is consistently providing the highest quality and value to our customers. It is the main basis on which we endeavor to establish our market leadership in the membrane water treatment sector.

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TORAY Membranes Technology for

  • RO (Reverse Osmosis) Membranes
  • UF (Ultra Filtration) Membrane
  • MBR (Membrane Bioreactors)
  • NF (Nano Filtration) Membranes
  • Hot Water Sanitization Membranes
TORAY RO Membrane
Toray Membrane
TORAY UF Membrane
Toray UF Membrane
TORAY MBR Membrane
Toray MBR Membrane
TORAY NF Membrane
Toray NF Membrane

Toray Reverse Osmosis Membrane Elements

New Century of Water Created by Toray Reverse Osmosis Elements

Today’s world is facing water scarcity, efficient use of water resources is an important challenge in 21st century, and shortage of water is expected. This leads towards the consideration of earth’s environment awfully in recent years causes the rise in demand for reverse osmosis membranes.

Toray membrane RO element technology grew from Toray’s lavish business experience. This experience has generated a broad product line incorporating many fields of application: desalination of seawater, ultra-pure water production for semiconductor and other industries, waste water treatment, and recovery of precious process materials in the food processing industry.

Toray’s technology, experience and expertise are being smoothly applied to all water-related needs around the world through the global operation of overseas affiliates and sales agents.

Features of Reverse Osmosis
Removal of dissolved salts

Reverse osmosis can stably and effectively remove dissolved salts,dissolved organic substances (trihalomethane, its precursors, agricultural chemicals, etc.), and microfine particles (living and dead bacteriaand many other microfine particles) from water. Thus it is ideal for a wide array of applications ranging from production of ultra pure water to desalination of seawater.

Energy-saving separation technique

Since reverse osmosis does not require the evaporation of water, it consumes less energy than separation processes that use evaporation

Utilizable as a concentration and recovery method

Reverse osmosis does not need heating, so it can concentrate and recover valuable process materials dissolved in a solution without degradation which might otherwise occur with other methods.

Compact configuration

Modules can be arranged in a three-dimensional configuration to provide excellent space efficiency, so the space needed for installation can be minimized.

Simple operation and control

Reverse osmosis systems are simple and easy to operate and maintain.

Production of ultrapure water

Rinse water for semiconductor and liquid crystal industries.

Production of pure water

Boiler water and process water for various industries.

Production of drinking water

For dry regions and countermeasures against disaster and water shortage (sea water and brackish water desalination).

Refining and softening of water

Removal of water hardness and silica, removal of trihalomethane,its precursors,and agricultural chemicals

Recycling and closed systems for various waste waters

Recycling of water in the semiconductor and liquid crystal industries ,recycling of industrial waste water, sewerage and office waste water

Concentration and recovery of valuable process materials

Concentration and recovery of foodstuffs and chemicals.