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is the leading manufacturer of solar hot water systems in Australia and around the world, providing solar hot water to over a million Australian households and businesses.

Solahart’s beginnings date back to 1901 in Perth when two entrepreneurs formed SW Hart and Co Plumbers and Ironworks to manufacture tanks, troughs, and sinks for the pioneering community. In 1953 the company developed a method to harness the sun’s natural energy as a way to heat water, long before human-induced global warming was even heard of.

Thus Solahart was born and the company began manufacturing solar hot water heaters to suit the West Australian climate.  By the mid-’60s Solahart started developing models to suit all Australian climates and was providing solar hot water to households and businesses all around the country.

Early Solahart installed on the Cocos Islands. In 1978 the Solahart 300L/80GE was introduced, receiving wide international recognition leading to the development of an international dealer network to provide Solahart hot water heaters to the world.

Today Solahart has manufactured over a million solar water heaters to be installed in over 80 countries on every continent around the world.  Since 2001, Solahart has been part of Paloma Co. Ltd., an international leader in water heating and space heating.

Paloma has fostered the pioneering spirit that built Solahart in the 20th century and has added the corporate strength of a leading global company to enable Solahart to grow even further in the 21st century. Contact us today

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