300 lt Roof Top Solar System

Solahart 302J consists of roof mounted tank system, that saves considerable amount of space at ground level and their graceful quality make them efficient and reliable.

The Solahart 302J solar water heater is precisely designed to fulfil low-cost service in medium to high solar heat gain areas.

Decrease water heater energy use up to 89% .

Solahart 302J Series Water Heater
solhahart-302 Features

Key Features

The Solahart J Series is a closed circuit, roof mounted solar water heater precisely designed to furnish low-cost service in medium to high solar gain areas. The maximum amount of energy from the sun is take out by Solahart’s revolutionary multi-flow collector, important feature of J Series.

The collector contains the heated Hartgard fluid which transferred to heat exchanger where the heat is conveyed to the tank water.

  • Roof mount model to save space
  • Reduces household greenhouse emissions
  • Energy Saving-water heating energy use cut by up to 89%
  • Low cost, Low maintenance and definitive operation

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