Membrane Bio-Reactor | Ultimate Guidance of Largest and Best RO Membrane Supplier in India

Jay Water Management Private Limited manufactures highly unique reverse osmosis membranes, and are the Largest RO membrane Supplier in India. We design and manufacture high rejection and high productivity reverse osmosis membranes for various residential as well as commercial applications. Each of these RO Membranes is designed to persistently desalinate hard water with varying ranges of salinity. Our membrane elements have been deployed across hundreds of industries across India over our lifetime! Our wide range of RO membranes is available in standard commercial sizes as well as high-end applications or even custom requirements as per our customer’s needs, making us the Largest RO membrane Supplier in India for all such products!

All of our RO membranes are made to go through a rigorous design and quality control analysis prior to dispatch or installation at a customer’s location. Our thumb rule is that they must meet or exceed our strict performance requirements as defined by our customer. After all, it a case of producing usable and drinkable, pure & clean water free from any impurities whatsoever! Hard Water treatment RO membranes with separation function are innovative materials made widely popular by Jay Water Management Private Limited. Making us the most preferred and the largest RO membrane suppliers in India!

One of our most widely popular products is the Toray membrane series! Toray high-quality membranes offer freshwater and wastewater treatment mechanisms, along with reciprocal water treatment products for our customers’ water treatment plants. Toray high-quality membranes increase the plant’s performance and effectiveness in producing high-quality usable water, with significantly reduced wastage, in a much shorter span of time. For Toray brand of reverse osmosis membranes, we are their Largest RO membrane Supplier in India.

Currently, our entire Toray range of products include high-performance water treatment membrane, including reverse osmosis (RO) membranes, nano-filtration (NF) membranes, ultra-filtration (UF) membranes, micro-filtration (MF) membranes and membrane bioreactors (MBR). These are one of the most sought after water filtration (osmosis treatment) components, which are designed and manufactured to deliver the highest levels of purity after desalination of freshwater or even wastewater from industrial units! We are the Largest RO membrane Supplier in India for the above range of products for commercial as well as industrial units!

One of the most significant achievements in the field of water purification is the ability to eliminate the most tiniest of impurities. Our leading brands have a proprietary molecular design technology, which achieves the near impossible removal of boron! These uniquely designed products allow controlling the microstructure of pore diameter, at the sub-nanometer levels of 1 angstrom, which is exactly 1/10 billionth of a meter!

With each day that passes by, the demand for RO membranes increases at an unprecedented rate as urban sewage and wastewater reuse plants is growing in newer regions across the world.  Additionally, since the rise in demand for desalination of seawater and brine in recent times, is accelerated due to a reduction in sources of usable, fresh water sources, most governing bodies (across several nations) have resorted to unconventional sources of water.

The two most vastly growing arenas today is seawater desalination and sewage reuse, aiming to reduce the environmental burden on alarmingly depleting natural fresh water (usable water) sources across the world! Today, there are ultra-large-scale urban sewage reuse plants, which can process and produce 320,000 cubic meters of water per day! This helps minimize the wastage and rapid depletion of all naturally pure, freshwater sources, along with reducing the environmental impact of sewage & industrial wastewaters.

Our products help in reducing the pollution as well as the hazardous impact of all such untreated, wastewater from industrial sources, as most of the water content is retrieved from the waste fluids processed in such large-scale sewage treatment plants! Our most trusted brand, Toray, is the leading manufacturer in the world of RO membranes, which has helped us gain the position of the Largest RO membrane Supplier in India!

Our RO membrane products also perform water treatment for industrial applications such as the production of water for use in boilers as well! This helps industries requiring to use water for their manufacturing process, to be reused again and again, thereby effectively reducing the absolute wastage of millions of liters of water every day!

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